Welcome to Cycladic Spaces

Celebrating the life-loving spirit of the Cyclades, our “luxe meets local” spaces to stay, explore and indulge are one of a kind and have been curated for the independent, modern traveller with a vision to explore our magical islands in a slower, more mindful way.

A conscious journey of connection to the lifestyle, culture and community of the Cyclades.

We love spaces that make you feel something. It’s not about luxury or perfection, we love to embrace the imperfect.  Our spaces are humble hideaways that mingle style with a traditional essence – connecting you to an authentic Greece.

Through our personal lens we have carefully hand-picked our collection for you, sharing our passion for the little gems and the unforgettable experiences in the Cyclades otherwise not easily found online.  A word-of-mouth recommendation, Cycladic Spaces is all about people, places and projects connecting you to the deep roots of the Cyclades, you will get to know the heart of our islands.

Dare to be slow, travel deeper, be a part of the story.

What makes them one of a kind?  Thoughtful small details, amazing views, locations in harmony with the environment, the extraordinary people, the history behind the spaces, a commitment to sustainability practices, beautiful design with minimalism in mind and most importantly philoxenia ~ befriending a stranger.  An act of thoughtfulness, care and generosity that encompasses the unique Greek meaning of hospitality.

A serene haven, a friendly face, treasured moments.

Village life, beach life and everything in between – experience the magic of discovering the undiscovered, connect with real people and the endless heart-warming hospitality our spaces have to offer.

Indulge in every moment, and celebrate the simplicity and the innate sense of freedom.


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Tina Benias

The first time I came to Greece was when I was 15. It was the thick of winter and it was the first time I had ever been outside of Australia or even on an aeroplane. Over the next two months, I experienced Greek life on a small island in the Ionian living as my grandparents did in a humble stone maisonette waking to the sound of bells on the necks of goats, exploring the lush and dense landscape and learning about a whole new side of my family history. 

From this moment I knew that I would spend the rest of my life on a quest to understand what it means to be ‘Greek’ and pledged that one day I would return to Greece and really dive into my heritage. 

After many, many summer trips I finally decided it was time to leave my corporate job as a writer in Australia and jump.

In 2020 in the middle of the pandemic, I made my official move to Greece and immediately felt compelled to show the world the Greece that I know, the one that sits behind the show of summer and the chaos of mass tourism and the Cyclades was the perfect place to start. 

Cycladic Spaces is more than beautiful places to stay, it’s about experiences that will change you and most importantly it’s about the amazing people behind these places and experiences– they are at the heart of what I do. 

We work with businesses that are doing things differently – offering really special and authentic, Greek hospitality the old-fashioned way, simply and without complication.

We believe that Greece should be explored slowly and respectfully and choose partners that share our same ethos to contribute to sustainable tourism.

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