Avgoustos Luxury Suites | Naxos Island

The brand new luxury suites in Naxos…Avgoustos is Greece ~ eternal, wise and playful.

The hidden poetry of Avgoustos speaks to the heart of Mediterranean lovers. More than a month; more than a state of mind: Avgoustos is Greece… eternal, wise and playful. Its iconic imprint, re-shaped into a contemporary garden of delights, launches a new hospitality concept in the island of Naxos.

Avgoustos Luxury Suites introduce four roof garden private Suites with impeccable sea views, designed to offer its adult guests a rare feeling of freedom and indulgent leisure. The sunny mindset of Avgoustos is carefree summer living, attracting kindred spirits and sets the tone for upscale Naxos events and experiences wrapped in art, authentic flavors and amazing products.

One of a kind: Open spaces highlighting the stunning Agia Anna views, chic minimalism and warm natural materials, create the laid-back atmosphere of Avgoustos Luxury Suites. Outgoing, joyful and bold Avgoustos is an authentic place to create unforgettable memories. In shades of summer hay, Avgoutos natural materials create a visual flow, unifying the interior and exterior spaces of each suite, along with the element of water that manifests the Cycladic essence of wellbeing.  Overlooking the turquoise waters of Agia Anna, Avgoustos Luxury Suites is the place to experience summer infused with effortless luxe living.


From €350 per night


Agia Anna Beach, Naxos Island

Good to know

There is only 4 suites, so make sure to book early!

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