Kalodromo | Naxos Island

Naxian marble as sculptural poetry, Tom von Kaenel’s pieces are rare and timeless with a handwritten character.

Every one of Tom’s vessels, objects and sculptures are creations of craftmanship, sublime beauty and unique interpretation. Tom, a Swiss born sculptor who lives in Naxos, pushes marble sculpting into new territory, his forms exude individuality and a powerful character.

Trained as a draughtsman and an art teacher, he is drawn by the inherent oppositions in the noble medium that continues to surprise with its strength and its delicacy. Tom works with Naxian marble which was used for the roof tiles of the Acropolis in Athens.  This course crystalline marble is airy, almost ethereal, allowing light to shine through.  

One of a kind: Tom’s pieces are eclectic, no measuring instruments other than compasses and scales are used and the final shape is decided only by the eye. This small deviation in symmetry gives the form its individual tension, they are kept raw, and the surfaces are deliberately not polished so that traces of the craft are visible. The crystalline shimmers, giving the object a unique liveliness. Everything in Tom’s environment on the island inspires and shapes his work.  You can visit Tom and his wife Priska at their gorgeous studio by appointment phone +30 699 653 5590.


Vessels from €200


Naxos Island

Good to know

Kalodromo in Greek means “good way”.


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