Mikonu | Mykonos Island

Mykonos Brewing Co. established in 2016, is the first and only craft brewery in Mykonos.

The awesome crew at Mikonu have been brewing and bottling non-stop since May 2017 and their beers can be found all around the island and well beyond.  What started off as two homebrewers striving to make their hobby into a living has now become so much more!

They studied, explored, brewed and ultimately discovered what craft beer is to them. Today, Mikonu is a team of five local Mykonians that strive to modernize artisanal produce in the traditional Cycladic way of living.  They are the hosts of their taproom, serious food geeks, part time dungeon explorers and board game strategists, jacks of all trades and have exceptional taste in music!  Greek artisan culture dictates products be named after their place of birth, so it was only natural to call their beers Mikonu, which in Greek means simply “of Mykonos”.

The operation is underground, in an industrial space that used to be the old bowling alley.  The stainless-steel tanks and brewhouse were made to order in Greece, tailored to their needs and their in-house desalination plant produces fresh, potable water for both production & consumption.  Visible from the taproom, the brewery is a compact factory that utilizes a mixture of modern brewing methods, DIY constructions and innovative and experimental techniques which aim to combat the difficulties inherent in brewing on a Greek island.

One of a kind:  If you are into craft beer then you need to check out Mikonu and if you are not, they will definitely convert you! They love what they do and always make great effort to share their intense passion with anyone who visits the brewery, drinks their beer and shares their table. The taproom is a family friendly, pet friendly, snack friendly, board game friendly space with a bar and table seating. Open all year round, heated in the winter & chilled in the summer with fine tunes playing, you can experience the bottling, filtering, tank cleaning and if you’re lucky, you might catch a whiff of some whirlpool or dry hop additions.


Tour and tasting is €20 per person, 6 taster flight €15 per person


Argyraina, Mykonos Island

Good to know

The brewery is situated just outside Mykonos town and only a 10 minute drive from the airport.  They are open Monday to Saturday from 11am until 6pm.

For more information and booking, visit the link below:


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