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Nōstos is a brand new, exquisite hotel located on the stunning Serifos island, boasting seventeen rooms, fit for every traveller. 

Nōstos offers guests the opportunity to become a traveller, an explorer, and in a sense, even a Serifian.

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Occasionally, a property pops up with such a beautiful story that it becomes impossible not to be intrigued. Nōstos in Serifos is just that – a brand-new hotel, with a history rooted in a family legacy. 

This modern version of Nōstos was brought to life by Harrys and Bianca who have taken Harrys’s grandfather’s philosophy and spirit and moulded it into a beautiful property brimming with Cycladic spirit. 

Nōstos has been around in Serifos since the time of Harrys’ grandfather, Pappous (Grandpa Giorgos), who was known around the island as “The Ancient One.” Pappous believed in the true, unpretentious spirit of hospitality, which he manifested through his ever-present warm smile. 

Nōstos is the projection of the owners’ aesthetics, experiences, and perception of what hospitality should feel like – the result is the most detailed blueprint of Harrys and Bianca’s mindset, that fine hospitality does not have to come with a 5* price tag. Every trip should hold a special place in the memory vault, and just like any other great memory, it should be unique, genuine, hearty, and lasting. Nōstos is a place where guests can enjoy a sense of privacy or a feeling of sharing, depending on their mood, and a destination that will make the future them, thanking them for choosing to visit.


Nōstos believes that sustainability and environmental consideration are pillars of a balanced relationship with our planet. Therefore, they implement a green initiative with many parameters, including recycling, thermal insulation, thermal pump cooling and heating, and using solar panels. Through these best practices, they are consistent with their eco-friendly approach.


The hotel offers four different types of rooms.

The Mini rooms are welcoming and thoughtfully designed, combining the essentials of relaxation and all the amenities guests could wish for.

The Cozy Double rooms have a cool and functional décor, queen-sized beds, ensuite bathrooms, and Born Majesty© amenities, contributing to their character. They feature private balconies with a courtyard and/or partial sea view.

The Cozy Triple rooms also have a cool and functional décor, queen-sized beds (plus a sofa bed), ensuite bathrooms, and Born Majesty© amenities, contributing to their character. They feature private balconies with a courtyard or island views.

The Maxi Rooms are the ideal option for those seeking ample indoor and outdoor space to relax, with sumptuous bedding, en-suite bathrooms, extra sofa beds, and an outdoor jacuzzi. Guests wake up each morning looking out over the Aegean Sea, making the Maxi room an irresistible accommodation choice.

A Word on Serifos

Harrys and Bianca are passionate about everything Serifos have to offer and the Nōstos team are available to give you advice on where to go, what to do and what to eat while visiting this beautiful island. 

If culinary experiences are on your list then Serifos will not disappoint. Sample Cycladic wines from this unique microclimate, pull up a chair at a seaside tavern and taste the daily catch, visit a local dairy farm to sample the local cheese or stop for a snack at a bakery that has been operating since the 18th century. 

Serifos is not just a destination for a single culinary taste, but a place where one can indulge in a mosaic of flavours and embark on a culinary journey of a lifetime.


The minimum cost for the Mini category in the low season is EUR 60 including breakfast, wifi and taxes, with a minimum stay of 3 nights applicable only during the high season.



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