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At Petra Farm they see farming and agriculture as a great environmental responsibility.

Petra Farm strive to be stewards of the land and practice sustainable agricultural principles inspired by Agro-ecology.   They see their land as a complex and productive ecosystem that requires fine-tuned and creative management to ensure the best possible outcome for both the environment and crop quality. 

Petra Farm focuses on the production of perennial Mediterranean crops. The crops are very well-suited to the micro-climate of the island allowing for minimal interventions as far as irrigation and pest control is concerned. The crops are generally all drought tolerant, and as a result, they use very small amounts of water to sustain the crops. The vineyards, capers and herbs receive no water at all. In fact, the lack of irrigation is a key factor in the increased intensity, intricate flavour and aroma of Petra Farm products. 

Petra Farm started on 5 acres of land in the dry and rocky terraced soils of Kolymbithres in 1989 with 100 olive trees and 200 grapevines. Since Alkis took over the management of the family farm in 2015, the farm has grown significantly, and the crops have been diversified. Petra Farm is now 24 acres with terraced agricultural land in both Kolymbithres and Lefkes. They specialize in the cultivation of dry-land crops and cultivate capers, oregano, lavender, figs, grapes, olives & mountain tea. 

One of a kind:  Petra Farm welcome guests for Organic Farm Tours and Tasting experience or an Organic Farm Tour and Tasting with lunch. The tour starts at the entrance of their traditional, organic farm that overlooks the beautiful bay of Naousa. 

You will be lead around the farm for about 30 minutes where the Mediterranean crops  grow, including grapes, olives, capers, oregano and figs. Alkis will discuss the sustainable cultivation techniques they use, how they impact the taste of the produce, and the kinds of products they make from their crops. As well as seeing the crops they grow, guests get to see their free-range chickens and goats and if children would like they can also feed the farm animals. After the tour lunch is served on the balcony that offers stunning views of the sea and the picturesque village of Naousa. This lasts about 1.5 hours. Upon arrival to the balcony chilled water is served, infused with their very own lemon, mint and basil.  A very refreshing drink after a walk around the farm. The lunch includes a tasting platter, a Greek salad, Parian slow cooked chickpeas in the oven, spinach pie and for dessert a traditional spoon sweet desert. Petra wine is served with lunch. The tasting consists of a delicious and generous selection of products from the farm like cherry tomatoes, cheese, fig jam, olives, capers, bread and olive oil with oregano. 


From €25 per person for tour & tasting, from €35 per person for tour tasting, tasting & lunch


Paros Island

Good to know

To duration of the Organic Farm Tour & Tasting with lunch is approximately 2 hours.  All tours are private and require a reservation.

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