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Newly opened, The Rooster is a place of freedom and rejuvenation, of spiritual awakening and unwinding, of inspiration and deep relaxation.

The freestanding farmhouse, located at The Rooster’s organic farm, 1.500m away from the main property is a luxurious holiday villa and immediately feels like home with all the perks of a five-star hotel. The Farmhouse offers three bedrooms and a spacious living area. The Rooster offers guests flexibility and a variety of bespoke dining options and experiences. Whether it’s a private chef, a personalised daily fresh breakfast, a private dinner at the farm’s exclusive restaurant, personal yoga sessions or wellness coaching. The unique vision of The Rooster is motivated by natures magnitude, mystery, and enchanting raw beauty. Sustainability is at the heart of The Rooster’s ethos, from sourcing organic materials to working in harmony with our local community.

The Farmhouse features a plunge pool, a secluded furnished terrace and a wonderful garden patio for private al fresco dining. With tranquil views of the farm’s organic vegetable and herb garden and surrounding landscape, the serenity is breathtaking. Experience outdoor cooking in the open air by a local cook and enjoy the farm to table creations with your friends and family.  This is a wonderful space for an intimate wedding or special celebration.  The Farmhouse is a private sanctuary perfect for family gatherings and special retreats and workshops.
We love the secret garden at The Rooster. A hidden gem situated close to the bar, cozy, casual and romantic, it reminds us of small traditional courtyards found within the Cycladic houses. With small pebbles and lights dancing over your table, placed within trees and flowers that spread their charm, this is a secluded place to enjoy a unique dining experience.

One of a kind: The story behind The Rooster is as overwhelming as the place itself. More than a resort, it is a life’s project, thoroughly thought-out to the very last detail by an inspiring woman, a true visionary, generous in all respects. Feeling blessed for her own Wakeup Call in a decisive moment in her life, a spiritual awakening and re-evaluation of what is real and what matters, she dreamt of a safe haven for those who aspire to personal growth through travel, art and culture, where happiness can be appreciated in small details and simple pleasures. It is a private oasis of wellness and natural beauty, peaceful and unpretentious, that will reveal the best of oneself through an unforgettable experience.




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Antiparos Island

Good to know

Farmhouse guests have complimentary access to all the hotel’s facilities.

The Rooster beach basket – head out and explore the islands beaches and the greater area, with a beach basket full of local organic food and beverage selections. Order your favourite salads, sandwiches, fruits and desserts from our picnic menu, or let the kitchen team surprise you with food to match the occasion.

The Rooster Spa, sustaining a holistic approach, is a peaceful haven designed for relaxation, relief, recharging and rejuvenation for a healthy and balanced body, mind and spirit.

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