The sustainable Cyclades

A green sanctuary in Mykonos, an exciting new eco initiative towards a pollution free Naxos and a love for local produce

What is a sustainable hotel?

By definition, a sustainable hotel reduces the environmental impact through green practices including use of organic material like towels and bedlinen, water-saving systems, serving local organic food, incorporating recycling and composting programs and sourcing power with renewable energies.

Founded in 2020, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel is dedicated to sustainability and aims to promote a new and alternative way of life, inspired by the elements of nature, simplicity, sustainability and veganism. It’s philosophy? To enjoy life without harming animals, the environment or ourselves. Sounds perfect to us!

Located in Ano Mera, Mykonos, Koukoumi Vegan Hotel is walking the talk in the sustainability space and is leading the way for the new generation of “conscious” hotels. From the moment you arrive at Koukoumi, you can see and understand this new philosophy, with all elements carefully selected to be environmentally friendly and promoting sustainability and recycling, including animal free furnishings, Coco-mat vegan mattresses, solar water heaters and drainage water treatment, whereby water is collected into underground tanks then filtered through three stages, coming out pure and clean before returning to nature to water the garden.

Koukoumi Vegan Hotel has a fully plant-based restaurant on site, a spa, fitness centre and magnesium pool.

Stylish transportation with a zero environmental footprint!

A Co2 emissions and noise pollution free Naxos is the goal with the Kumpan electric scooter initiative, currently being rolled out on the island. This innovative project is something we’re really passionate about and we would love to see more islands adapting to this sustainable mobility.

Riding the e-scooter is a dream. German engineering combined with the latest technology provide a super comfortable, noiseless riding experience which is 100% fun!

As a comparison between a combustion engine and the e-scooters from a cost point of view; a petrol scooter over 5 years costs over €2500, taking into consideration the price for petrol and services. The e-scooter over 5 years costs around €125, based on electricity consumption, and there is no road tax or services required for the electric scooters.

Proudly, the Greek government has a program supporting the purchase of 100% electric scooters – Kinoume Ilektrika, with a 20% kick back on the buying price. Businesses can claim this on up to 6 units.

Smart, clean and silent! Save 95% in energy and 100% in CO2 emissions!

Local produce pride and joy

We’re just a little bit obsessed with the local produce in Naxos! Naxos is the only fully self-sufficient island in the Cyclades and is well known for its agricultural abundance.

Water sources and a combination of the mild climate with fertile soil ensure prolific farming that is capable of meeting the island’s need – even during the summer months. From strawberries to kale, chilli to zucchini flowers, to wine, olive oil, Kitro liqueur, dairy products and honey; the local offering is something to savour.

Showcasing local produce in all its glory with exquisite taste and flavour, is the creative and inspiring menu at Nomad Naxos. With many ingredients from their own small organic farm growing fruits, vegetables and endless herbs, they are proud to talk with you about the great goods of Naxos and you will probably take home a culinary treasure like some local “arseniko” cheese.

Everything is homemade at Nomad, using local produce and high-quality raw materials including local cheese, handmade bread, organic chicken and meats from Naxian farmers – and of course the famous Naxos potatoes!

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus, the god of wine, blessed the island with fertility. The result? Thousands of years of history has been packed into this gastronomic treasure!


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